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Convr is a modularized AI underwriting, data and intelligent document processing workbench that drive world-class customer experiences. It delivers premium growth, insights and efficiency for commercial P&C insurance organizations of all sizes, including many of the top 20 carriers, MGA's, brokers and reinsurers.

Convr AI delivers a proprietary Commercial Auto Score (CAS) for applicants and insureds. The CAS combines three machine learning models (injuries, accidents, and fatalities) each forecasting the risk per employee which is highly predictive of loss in the coming 12 months. In addition, Convr Intake AI extracts driver and vehicle information from SOV's helping to expedite the underwriting process.

Convr Insights and Scores leverage the Convr Risk 360 data lake comprised of 85MM businesses and 785MM entities - an unparalleled resource for P&C commercial insurance underwriting excellence. 

Purpose Built Risk 360 Data Lake with Extensive Commercial Auto Data

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Benefit from Real-time Specialty Data, Answers and Scores

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Convr Underwriting Workbench

Convr is the only workbench delivering a full suite of AI-infused commercial insurance tools that support underwriting analysis and decisions.

  • d3 intake

    Intake AI™

    The journey to optimizing the underwriting process starts with Intake AI. Where we gather submission documents such as applications and loss runs, and then fuse them with third-party data using Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). Documents are then converted into a structured format ready to be reviewed by the underwriter.

  • risk 360

    Risk 360 AI™

    Once the underwriter finishes assembling the submission documents, they begin to research the risk. Risk 360 AI pulls business insights from thousands of third-party data sources – such as government entities, public records and company websites -- and prioritizes the most relevant and accurate information in minutes.

  • answers

    Answers AI™

    With massive amounts of data gathered, Answers AI allows underwriters to get fast answers to their specific underwriting questions from our patented, trained AI models.

  • d3 risk score

    Risk Score AI™

    Prioritizing each submission is the work of our Risk Score AI. This score helps the underwriter optimize the selection and prioritization of risks for evaluation and ensure the quoted business fits their risk appetite.

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