Convr Leadership Team​

The Team that Turns Vision into Reality

convr leadership
John Stammen Headshot

John Stammen

Chief Executive Officer
Harish Neelamana Headshot

Harish Neelamana

Cofounder & President
Fannette Singer Headshot

Fanette Singer

Chief Marketing Officer
Holly Birtch Headshot

Holly Birtch

VP of Customer Experience
Eli Orlofsky Headshot

Eli Orlofsky

Director of Finance
Brian Moore

Brian Moore

Chief Operations Officer
Greg Kranz Headshot

Greg Kranz

Chief Business Development Officer
Ameer Allaudeen Headshot

Ameer Allaudeen

VP of Product
Jayaram Nambiar Headshot

Jayaram Nambiar

VP of Alliances & Operations
Kelly Palumbo Headshot

Kelly Palumbo

Director of People & Culture
convr team at brewery

At Convr, People Services starts with generosity. We recruit people we believe in -- people with imagination, initiative and the ability to solve problems. Once on-board, the People Services team remains close – listening to aspirations, answering questions and supporting the open culture that defines Convr. Best of all, People Services helps to support connections across Convr while people work remotely but connect regularly for virtual and semi-annual team events. We have fun AND get the job done! That is Convr.​

Advisory Board Members​

The Convr Advisory Board is comprised of executives who have long histories as insurance industry business leaders and are excited to help us grow our business.​

Mark Boxer

Mark Boxer

Former Global CIO, CIGNA and Board Member Grange Insurance​
Patty Donohue

Patty Donohue​

Former CIO MetLife​
John Cavoores

John Cavoores​

Former CUO & EVP Chubb and Board Chairman Guidewire​ ​
Mike Winner

Mike Winner​

Former President Grange Insurance​ ​ ​
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