Commercial Insurance Producers​

Agents and Brokers Serving Commercial P&C Clients

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Whether it’s using analytics to efficiently place risks with the right carrier, prioritize submissions, or enable growth strategies, Convr’s solutions put data-driven insights within easy reach of producers.

Convr can support producers across their strategic objectives​

Strategic Objectives
Producer/customer experience
  • Reduce burden to quote
  • Real-time experience
Pre-fill insurance application, go beyond basic firm-o-graphics; apply AI to continually improve customer experience Provide producers with proprietary/branded risk profile that helps improve their understanding of risks (differentiate broker offering) Provide producers with flexibility to upload pre-filled applications, loss history vs. filling forms Apply ML to configure scores based on carrier’s appetite / experience; target risks with higher likelihood to be profitable
New markets/segments
  • Prospecting new segments
  • Enter new geographies
Refine distribution strategy; apply insights from continually updating data lake (extended for Canada) Apply ML to prioritize submissions; eliminate wasted effort on declinations, out-of-appetite submissions

Benefits experienced by our customers

What matters most to you?


Expand capacity, gain competitive advantage and grow revenue with embedded business rules, better access to relevant data and improved decisioning.

Price Adequacy

Identify more or less risky submissions and segments in the specified population so pricing is more aligned with relative exposure.


Prioritize submissions to rapidly narrow risks within appetite and deep dive on selected risks.

Customer Experience

Reduce data gathering touchpoints and the time associated with record retrieval and validation for applicants.

Loss Avoidance

Calibrate individual risks and predict those most likely to experience a loss in the coming year.

Underwriting Efficiency

Drive efficient submission intake, prioritization, underwriting analysis and decisioning with a full-suite of AI-infused commercial insurance tools.

Speed to Quote

Increase quote-ratios and new business by accelerating the underwriting process from intake to data collection to identifying the right submission questions and answers.

Underwriting Experience

Streamline the underwriters’ work experience with more complete and accurate data, clearer insights and heightened decision confidence.

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