What is Convr?


The Convr Underwriting Workbench can automate the application of your underwriting guidelines with the flexibility to adjust with your experience – so that every new submission or renewal is consistently processed to reflect your risk appetite, both in terms of selection and prioritization.

The business rules framework is fundamental to Convr submission scoring, which is powered by ingested data fused with information housed in the Convr data lake.

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Convr is the only underwriting workbench delivering a full suite of AI-infused commercial insurance tools that support underwriting analysis and decisions.

  • Real-time fusion of submission data and digital footprint
  • Models surface critical insights to drive smarter underwriting decisions
  • Quick time-to-value with extensive out-of-the-box features

Digitize, Enhance & Expedite Your Underwriting In Just Six Weeks

Packages Based on Deep Industry Experience


No Required IT Integration

  • Underwriting Efficiencies
  • Data Lake & Document Library
  • Federal, State, Local & Firmographic
  • Business Class & DBA’s
  • Submission Drag, Drop & Edits
  • Risk Answers & Snap Shots


No Required IT Integration

  • Underwriting Insights
  • Submission Extraction
  • Submission Confidence Scores
  • Fusion of First- & Third-Party Data
  • Source Priority & Clearance
  • Excel Rater Templates


Customized Configurations

  • Proprietary Underwriting
  • Intelligent Document Processing
  • Workflow Configurations
  • API's & Integrations
  • Specialty Data & Risk Scores
  • Underwriting Dashboards

Consistently Apply Your Underwriting Guidelines with

Convr’s Business Rules Framework

Standardized yet flexible, the business rules framework can be extended beyond submission scoring for advanced decisioning

Convr enables a highly configurable business rules structure to selectively clear, route, label, or process submissions based on a variety of characteristics. Some common examples include:

  • Route submissions to a team/individual for manual review or to a downstream system for straight-through processing
  • Assign submissions to teams or individual underwriters based on the line of business or the presence of certain information
  • Identify and label high priority submissions based on descriptive language in an email or other intake document

Categorize and prioritize incoming submissions and overlay applicant data with line of business and underwriting business rules

Can be very flexible, customizable and simple based on just two to three criteria

business rules framework

Can be based, in part on any digital footprint information, d3 Answers and/or d3 Risk Scores

Surfacing Answers That Can Lead to Better Selection or Declination Criteria
For examplery purposes
framework qa

d3 Risk Score

framework scores

SaaS Infrastructure

Optimizing Scale, Security, Reliability & Extensibility​


Scale up as rapidly as your business grows

AWS Cloud, Kubernetes & Micro Services to grow with you​


Secure your data and that of your customers​

Independent audit/attestation of security stature – SOC2 Type 2


Rely on continuous operation

  • +99.95% availability with AWS Cloud multiple Availability Zones​
  • Sub-second response times for highly responsive submission workflows​

Integrate with internal systems or stand alone​

  • Build your own models with Transfer Learning​
  • Bring your own data to seamlessly fuse with submissions​
  • Snowflake cloud warehouse extends your in-house analytics/BI​
  • 30+ alliances/partnerships and growing​
  • Glean hidden insights from knowledge graph data structure​
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