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Our Customers Have Documented Impressive Results After Engaging Convr

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Insurance Carriers

large and mid-size insurers benefit from meaningful efficiencies in their underwriting operations, submission accuracy and workflow consistency by leveraging Convr to digitize their submissions and fuse them with the best sources of data.


especially facultative teams find value in the same gained efficiencies, submission transparency and workflow consistency that primary carriers enjoy from Convr.

MGA/ Underwriters

reduce operational burden, particularly around data gathering and submission consistency reducing hours spent doing manual work.


are especially focused on the submission efficiencies delivered by Convr and find value in the workflow consistency that substantially reduces the back-and-forth queries associated with incomplete information.

Our Customers with books of

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Small Commercial Accounts

Benefit from Convr intake, digitization and data lake resources. With thousands of pre-plumbed data sources and relational data structure, we can deliver meaningful data for restaurants, retail establishments, artisans and other smaller business entities that others find hard to capture. Informed by nearby tenant data, along with revenue, payroll and number of employees, we have a unique ability to enrich small business account data for better informed underwriting.

Mid-Sized Commercial Accounts

Benefit from the efficient intake and digitization, as we extract granular information from ACORD, Loss Runs, SOV etc. to drive underwriting insights. Enriched by the AI-powered Convr data lake -- encompassing millions of data elements -- underwriters are able to rapidly access the digital footprint of risks and drive data-driven expedited underwriting decisions including eligibility.

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Large Accounts

Benefit from the end-to-end Convr underwriting platform that digitizes and fuses submissions with the best sources of data to identify meaningful underwriting insights, answer surfaced underwriting questions, and benefit from scores that prioritize and predict outcomes for expedited large account processing and decisioning.

Success Stories

0XImprovement in underwriting productivity
0%Combined ratio reduction
0%Reduction in application questions
0%Increased efficiency
selective insurance

“Reduced time-consuming manual processes, enhance risk selection and significantly improve productivity.”

Senior Vice President, Chief Underwriting Officer, Commercial Lines 
columbia insurance

“Increases the speed and accuracy of our data collection, thereby improving our risk selection while freeing up our team to build stronger customer relationships.”

Chief Underwriting Officer
encova insurance

“Provides a competitive advantage as it will enable us to improve the speed and quality of our underwriting decision-making based on the digital footprint of the businesses we serve.”

Commercial Lines Chief Underwriting Officer
penn national

"Enables our underwriting team to quickly identify underwriting risk characteristics and to systematically collate relevant underwriting data from various sources to improve business agility and the decision-making process.”

Vice President, Commercial Lines

"Our partnership with Convr means we can more accurately assess a business’s individual needs, and tailor quotes to suit them precisely.”

Senior Vice President of Strategy

“A superior partner to power our proactive approach to workers compensation insurance. Now we are empowered to run a well-informed, AI-driven underwriting process that is optimized with the latest technology from Day One.”

Chief Insurance Officer
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