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Risk Score AI™

Convr Provides An Accurate Forward-looking Measure of Risk

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At Convr, we offer different risk scores to measure different things. They all deliver a similar benefit in that they provide a score to crystalize where a risk falls on the distribution of similar risks. Helping producers and underwriters evaluate where a business is on the quality of risk spectrum can mean the difference between the decision to write or a declination. It can also translate directly to pricing adequacy or not.

Our models help favorably impact your bottom line​

Evaluate an opportunity as a comparative to others​

Convr’s risk models look at thousands of sources including websites, inspections, violations, events, proprieties, licenses, geographic and economic information. The models use machine learning to predict future risk.
 Some of the significant predictor variables for risk are previous infractions committed, type of permits assigned to a company and the time for which the companies have been in business. Other significant predictor variables come from geographic information, 

How we do it
  • Advanced machine learning models forecast risk leveraging numerous info sources​​
  • Machine learning models are continuously refreshed on a recurring schedule to make the most accurate predictions​
  • Convr’s has in-house modeling expertise combined with actuarial and underwriting experience

Achieving superior underwriting performance with d3 Risk Score

Better Risk Quantification​

Make better decisions quickly with more accurate, interpretable, and granular measures of risk

Decisioning Speed

Grow your book of business fast and profitably through focused insights

Avoidance of Most Costly Claims ​

Calibrate individual risks and predict those most likely to experience a loss in the coming year

Price Adequacy

Improve underwriting margins through better control of risk selection

Risk Score Applies Decision Science to

Risk Selection and Relativity

Risk Score delivers rich insights to rank order and quantify risk for current and prospective insureds. They are like personal credit scores–single number summaries that support immediate decisions about the risk.

Submission Selection & Prioritization

Scores provide your team with an additional methodology for prioritizing incoming submissions inline with underwriting rules

Quantify Risks and Identify Opportunities

With Risk Score AI and relativity all within one-purpose-built-module, your underwriters will be able to better quantify and understand risks

Risk Relativity

Quantify the risk quality of individual businesses relative to a benchmark

Improved Decision-making

Using scores to make underwriting decisions inserts added rigor and speed to your decision-making methodology with a fully transparent framework

Illustrative Example

Workplace Safety Score

AI Features: Spatial Features​

Convr's spatial features are created using machine learning models trained on 75 variables from 5+ million US businesses​. The three information-rich spatial features can be used in pricing models, underwriting rules, and in spatial segmentation.

Segmentation using traditional State related variables​
Segmentation using Convr’s information-rich spatial features​ - Variable 1
Segmentation using Convr’s information-rich spatial features​ - Variable 2
Segmentation using Convr’s information-rich spatial features​ - Variable 3

Granular spatial features - include information about business classes, revenue, number of employees, vehicles, mileage driven, bankruptcies, buildings, residential units, drivers, and more​.

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