Your Personalized Convr ROI Results

Based on our calculations we believe you can save per year on the submission process.

Our d3 Intake platform helps you achieve this by automating your insurance application process. Convr eliminates manual submission paperwork by ingesting, preparing and analyzing submissions for a more effective, digital process, which saves you time and money, while reducing stress on your underwriting team.

We also estimate that you would grow revenues by from better underwriting decisions, and from increased ease of information and agent satisfaction.

Convr's Risk360 platform reduces time spent gathering data so that underwriters are focused on identifying risk. With D3 Answers, our insurance-trained AI models pre-fill applications and business classifications. This eliminates friction with agents, which leads to higher win rate and more premiums without any additional resources. Convr's Risk Score surfaces insights that allow underwriters to better identify risks and opportunities.

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