May 9, 2023

Convr® Ignites Customers with New Partnership—Third-Party Wildfire Data Provider, RedZone


CHICAGO (May 9, 2023) – Convr®, the leading artificial intelligence (AI) company serving commercial insurance organizations is expanding its data lake to include wilderness and wildfire data gathered from RedZone. 

RedZone is a recognized leader in wildfire modeling, helping clients improve underwriting selection and price more accurately. They also provide real-time monitoring and mitigation services, aiding clients in the protection of property. The company uses a unique combination of emergency management and an analytical mapping platform which can be used to analyze not only wildfires, but other severe weather events, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. 
The partnership will enable Convr to better serve Convr Underwriting Command Center platform users by delivering accurate and advanced intelligence on these severe weather events before they occur and while they’re happening. As a result, commercial P&C insurance underwriting teams will have the best tools available when assessing submissions – leading to improved underwriting results. 
“Convr is pleased to partner with companies such as RedZone as these relationships enable our platform to provide rich data that will better inform underwriting teams,” said Convr CEO, John Stammen. “RedZone offers unique insights that are valuable and unparalleled, and we believe our customers will recognize the benefit to having this information at their fingertips.” 
“Our goal is to provide insights for insurers to better understand wildfire risk during the underwriting process and to quickly respond to wildfires as they happen,” said RedZone founder and CEO, Clark Woodward. “By partnering with Convr, insurance underwriting teams will be able to make more informed decisions through our wildfire insights, preventing costly losses, and providing peace of mind to property owners.” 
About Convr 
Convr® is a modularized AI underwriting data analysis platform that digitizes and fuses submissions with best sources of information to surface underwriting insights, business classification and risk scores. The platform has revolutionized the industry through data, discovery and decisioning intelligence. Convr AI customers include commercial insurance organizations of all sizes, including many of the top 10 carriers, which use the platform to enable superior performance, optimal efficiency, quality decisioning and world-class customer experiences. To learn more, visit Follow Convr on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. 

About Convr AI®

Convr is an AI underwriting and intelligent document processing workbench that drives world-class customer experiences. It delivers premium growth, insights and efficiency for commercial P&C insurance organizations of all sizes, including many of the top 10 carriers, MGA's, Brokers and Reinsurers. Convr is revolutionizing the industry through data, discovery and decisioning intelligence.

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