April 16, 2024

Calculate What Convr AI® Can Do for You with the New ROI Calculator


CHICAGO (April 16, 2024) – Convr AI®, the leading artificial intelligence (AI) company serving commercial insurance organizations is enabling underwriting leaders to take the future of their underwriting operations into their own hands by empowering them to calculate their ROI opportunities with Convr AI.

Convr is introducing a new free online return on investment (ROI) calculator that allows users to input data into certain fields on convr.com to estimate different views of how they could improve their business performance. They enter items such as the number of submissions they process, policies they bind, and average monthly policy premiums they write—to determine what Convr can do for them to improve their operations and bottom line.

Following the calculations, users can see what Convr’s Intake AI product can do in terms of saving them on submission processing time and what Risk 360 AI can do to increase their revenue.

“Our online ROI calculator gives a crystal-clear view of what Convr AI can do to transform underwriting operations for commercial P&C insurers,” said John Stammen, Convr CEO. “Founded by underwriters, for underwriters—we’re purpose built to transform the future of underwriting and our ROI calculator is the closest thing we can get to a crystal ball to showcase how underwriting teams can directly benefit from the power of our AI.”

The calculator simulates the potential return on investment underwriting teams could realize by using Convr’s underwriting workbench as part of their underwriting process. 

About Intake AI and Your ROI
Our Intake AI product helps customers achieve annual cost savings by automating their insurance application process. Convr eliminates manual submission paperwork by ingesting, preparing and analyzing submissions with a more effective, digital process, which saves you time and money, while reducing stress on your underwriting team. We also estimate greater revenue growth from increased ease of data collection and agent satisfaction.

About Risk 360 AI and Your ROI
Convr’s Risk 360 AI platform reduces time spent gathering data so that underwriting teams are focused on analyzing risk. With Answers AI, our insurance-trained AI models pre-fill applications and business classifications. This eliminates friction with agents, which leads to higher win rates and more premiums without any additional resources. Convr’s Risk Score AI surfaces insights that allow underwriting teams to better identify risks and opportunities. 

About Convr AI®

Convr is an AI underwriting and intelligent document processing workbench that drives world-class customer experiences. It delivers premium growth, insights and efficiency for commercial P&C insurance organizations of all sizes, including many of the top 10 carriers, MGA's, Brokers and Reinsurers. Convr is revolutionizing the industry through data, discovery and decisioning intelligence.

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