October 11, 2022

Convr Takes on Snowflake to Better Analyze Data


Capturing data is one thing but using data to figure out and solve problems is a whole other ballgame. That’s what Convr’s usage of the Snowflake Cloud Data Platform brings to the table. Snowflake is a flexible cloud-based warehouse that’s scalable and adaptable and Convr is using the capability to better serve customers by capturing insights that can inform future commercial underwriting. The data warehouse facilitates Convr’s data access and the ease with which we can use it to develop deep insights. For most of the actions taken by underwriters in the Convr Command Center data can be reused for deeper analysis in the future. We enable that capability with Snowflake, which automatically handles all indexing and partitioning, saving time and effort for engineers, data scientists or whoever is interpreting the data. Their auto organizing allows the user to better leverage Snowflake’s structured and semi-structured data to drive meaningful insights.

Sparking a Connection

Through the Snowflake capability, Convr customers can now easily revisit old submission information – to better recall and reflect on the decisions leading up to their underwriters’ risk selections. For example, one way Convr customers are benefiting from Snowflake is through the ease at which mounds of data can be recalled. Snowflake enables a log of all activity and time spent on tasks. So, when an underwriter performs commercial property and casualty searches such as business names – that information can be recalled later and reflected on. The same is true for search results. You can review cards and determine how long an underwriter spent reflecting on that particular topic.

Getting Granular

And you can get very granular views on underwriting activity and what the nature of the businesses are that your underwriters are looking up. You can also look at the business profile and determine from there – that it falls into a certain category of risk similar to that of other businesses within the same industry. Further, you can determine that your team has been looking at several businesses in the same field and find commonalities to help your organization make better selections within that type of risk category. And Convr’s use of Snowflake brings peace of mind with a cloud database that pulls all the information in and stores it long-term, so you don’t have to worry about losing it or not having something that you may want to go back and reflect on in the future. For questions about our use of Snowflake Cloud Data Platform, email Harish Neelamana, Convr Co-founder and President at harish.neelamana@convr.com

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