September 12, 2022

Convr and Camaraderie – A Beautiful Reunion at InsureTech Connect

itc vegas

The intersection of insights and innovation . . . that’s right; we’re talking about InsureTech Connect (ITC) 2022 in Las Vegas. Since attending last year’s ITC conference, Convr has been hard at work unleashing new ways to delight customers with . . .

1) New scoring models that help underwriters better predict negative loss events
2) Increased data security and a move to the cloud
3) An enhanced partnership model supported by a full-service customer experience team
4) Convr Insights BI module (Snowflake Data Cloud) enhanced data cards such as LRO

And while we’ve missed some of you over the past year, we’ve enjoyed building on our great relationships with current customers and new potential users, too. Convr has special relationships with some of the top insurers in the U.S. We also have great relationships with some smaller organizations with big aspirations for the future. We know customer success drives Convr success, that’s why our customer experience and business development teams listen to our customers, learn from their feedback and help adapt our platform to better meet their needs.

With rolled sleeves (or t-shirts), together with our customers we dig into their challenges and known opportunities to uncover new paths to success. What we know at the outset is that our end-to-end, AI underwriting platform delivers insights far greater than you’d get from a pure data dump.

The Convr platform delivers a Management Framework that successfully infuses machine learning throughout the submission ingestion, prioritization and risk selection process. As we aim to digitally transform the insurance industry with artificial intelligence and data science, we know at the end of the day, the transformation is for the betterment of people – people who underwrite the policies, collect policy holder information and the policy holders themselves who will benefit from a better overall commercial underwriting experience.

While nothing makes us happier than talking about our technology and product offerings, it’s really the relationships we’ve built and continue to build with commercial insurance providers that delights us the most. We will always depend on these deep connections to continue to make Convr the leading AI company serving commercial insurance organizations.

At Convr, our passion is building a new view of the future. If you’re looking to transform the way your team manages commercial insurance underwriting, visit us at InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay, Bayside B, MR-21 the week of September 19.

We’re excited to learn how we can help your organization envision new capabilities and solutions with Convr at your side.

Meantime, learn more about Convr at

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