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As part of Intake AI and Risk 360 AI, Convr provides a comprehensive overview of your submissions within the Convr workbench. Users benefit from a configurable dashboard view of their book within our underwriting workbench with out-of-the-box and/or custom reports. Insights are pulled from Convr’s data lake and exposed through Snowflake, Tableau or your choice of other Business Intelligence (BI) software. 

Insights AI delivers exceptional analytical power to analyze your entire book of business at the individual ​submission and/or portfolio level

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Today’s insurance underwriting and production teams demand the most current data and insights to prioritize accounts and make the best decisions at both the submission and portfolio levels. That’s why Convr built the capability for real-time scrutiny of submission data and activity for inline evaluation of key risk characteristics as well as strategic decision-making. Now Convr users can execute portfolio evaluation and relationship management decisions to adjust the composition of a book of business – from geographic exposure to key hazards and lines from deep insights. With micro and macro views at their fingertips, management can better understand underwriter workload, submission source, processing time, risk by industry, producer performance, and more. 

Convr Insights AI, displays drillable dashboards, with detailed reports, at the portfolio, book, and insured levels. We believe if we've captured the data (and we capture a lot), we should use it to deliver meaningful insights for our customers. 

Example of Configurable Dashboards

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About Convr

Convr is a modularized AI underwriting data analysis platform that digitizes and fuses submissions with best sources of information to surface underwriting insights, business classification and risk scores. The platform has revolutionized the industry through data, discovery and decisioning intelligence.

Convr customers include commercial insurance organizations of all sizes, including many of the Top 10 carriers, which use the platform to enable superior performance, optimal efficiency, quality decisioning and world-class customer experiences.

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